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How are you getting rid of fleas?

Fleas are resilient creatures and may be very difficult to get rid of, if the conditions are just right. Especially in warmer climates, it can be a struggle to be getting rid of fleas. Warm weather is perfect for flea development as the period from larva to adult flea shortens. Once adult, the flea will seek out a host, mostly a dog or a cat, where it will feed on their blood.

Female fleas can lay at least 25 eggs a day. However, these eggs do not stay on the host but fall off spread out in the host environment. This is a major reason why getting rid of fleas is hard as they do not actually hatch on the pets, but may have fallen off the pet inside your home and spread the infestation there.

Start the treatment immediately
– when getting rid of fleas

Once you suspect your pet of having fleas, you should start treatment of getting rid of fleas immediately. Your veterinarian will help you find the right product. Treatment will help get rid of the adult fleas feeding on your pet. Then you need to clean your house thoroughly for continuous days to ensure you get as many of the eggs and larvaes as possible. However, there are always the resilient ones that fend off any chemical treatment you may expose your home to. So instead of using chemicals consider using My Flea Trap, which is safer for you and your pets.

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Knowing the life cycle of a flea may help to better get rid of them

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Do you suspect your pet of having fleas? And do they spend a large amount of time in the house? Then you may have a flea problem at your hands. And despite of treatments of your pets that merely hinder them from multiplying, eggs and cocoons may prevail even the toughest attempts to clean the house.

However, do not despair. My Flea Trap is an innovative light trap that attracts fleas, especially during periods of the day when it is dark. It is a safe way to eliminate resilient fleas by using light on top of the flea trap to attract fleas from hosts and also nooks and corners in the home.

Together with flea treatments at the veterinarian, My Flea Trap can help get rid of fleas in a safe and efficient way. If you are interested in supplementing your flea treatment with My Flea Trap, go to our web shop here and buy flea trap today.