Flea Remedy

Does your pet scratch itself more often than usual?

A flea remedy that is easy and safe to use

Many pet owners may have come across times where their dog or cat have started to scratch themselves more often than usual. This may be a clear sign that fleas have found a new host. What to do now? And how to stop fleas from spreading?

First of all, start a flea treatment. If you are in doubt which one is the best for your pet you should talk to your veterinarian. The aim of the treatment should be to kill the fleas on the pet relatively quickly and stop them from multiplying. However, it is also necessary to eliminate the fleas that will develop from the eggs and larva the female flea has already spread. Many of these may be hiding in carpets and cracks around your home.

An easy and safe-to-use flea remedy for your home, in supplement to flea treatment by the veterinarian, is myFleaTrap®. The flea trap works by using light to attract the newly hatched fleas from surfaces in the nearby surroundings. The fleas will jump into a tray containing glue paper, which will stop them from spreading.

myFleaTrap® – now available as a home remedy for flea eradication

After extensive research by experts at Kansas State University, the technology behind myFleaTrap® was developed. And after continuous testing, the product has now become available for private individuals, who wish to have a flea remedy for their dog or cat that can be used in their own homes.

myFleaTrap® particularly works well to eliminate the presence of fleas in pet owners’ homes. Not only is it effective, it is safe to use around pets as there are no chemicals used. The light technology is what tricks the fleas to believe that a new host is near, and it will jump into the trap. myFleaTrap® is thus one of the best home remedies for fleas on dogs as well as cats.

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myFleaTrap® – great flea remedy for your home!