The LEDs do not work:
Make sure that the switch is positioned at “I” or “A”. Remember that only one of the LEDs are supposed to be on at any given time. Check that the power adaptor (not included) is correctly connected to the power inlet / check that the batteries (not included) are still in working order.

Where should I place myFleaTrap® ?
For optimal utilization, place the flea trap in a corner on the floor or along a wall, facing the room.

How many flea traps should I use?
If you have a 2-floor house, we recommend that you have one placed on each floor, and if you have a house above 150 m², we recommend 2 flea traps to get rid of the fleas fast and effectively.

Can I leave the LEDs on when I am not at home?
Yes, the flea trap provides the best result when it is switched on 24-hours a day.

I have other animals (apart from cat/dog), is it safe for them?
Yes, it is safe.

I find fleas on my pet but not in myFleaTrap® . What is wrong?
Fleas are never evenly distributed in the surroundings. Your flea trap is probably not in the right place. Try to move the trap to a spot where your pet often goes or rests.

My child touched the adhesive sheet, what do I do?
Just wash the hands. The sheet is not dangerous to touch in any way.

How can I clean myFleaTrap®?
Use only a moist cloth. It is an electronic device, so avoid getting the flea trap wet.

I am out of adhesive sheets, where can I buy new?
Find your shop here.