About myFleaTrap®

myFleaTrap® – A Safe and Effective Solution

myFleaTrap® takes care of the fleas in your home in a unique, eco-friendly and effective way. It works by attracting fleas from the surroundings by an alternating light, using a “shadowing” technique. While most flea traps operate with a constant light source, myFleaTrap® uses an intermittent light source. Research has shown that fleas are more attracted to changing light than a constant light. They will interpret the change as the shadow of an animal passing by and jump after it. Furthermore, the trap applies green light of a specific wavelength (525-nm) that has been shown to be very attractive to fleas. See video below.

Recently published studies show that compared to 3 other commercial flea traps without the “shadowing” technique, myFleaTrap® catches 6 times more fleas¹.

Easy-to-Use Flea Trap

  • myFleaTrap® works while you sleep. Actually, it works best in the dark during the evening and night
  • myFleaTrap® is easy to use. Working on batteries it can be set up wherever you need it. If needed you can plug the flea trap to a power outlet. External power supply is not included but can be purchased separately
  • myFleaTrap® is the perfect supplement to flea treatment of your pet

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Works the Environment

myFleaTrap® attracts the flea as soon as it has left the cocoon. It lures the newly emerged adult flea to believe it is jumping onto a host but instead it is jumping onto a sticky paper. Even though you use pesticides, vacuum, clean the floors and wash blankets/pillows every day for the first month… you will only have removed a small fraction of the cocoons as they are quite resistant to these measures.

Read more about the flea’s life cycle here.

The Scientific Background

Based on knowledge and many years of field experience, myFleaTrap® was originally developed by experts at Kansas State University. Remembering, that beside serving the main purpose, the device should work in private homes and be used near people and their beloved pets. After comprehensive studies and testing, the experts produced a flea trap that not only is environmentally safe & user-friendly but also highly effective.

In fact myFleaTrap® is today widely trusted and accepted by specialists as a standard tool in international flea research.

Research at Kansas State University¹

Room tests, Dec. 2006:

myFleaTrap is shown to catch an average of 87% of the fleas released into a room overnight

Independent International Studies¹

Stable test Oct. 2006:

When compared to other flea traps in high burden field tests myFleaTrap caught over eight thousand (8,000) fleas, when the other flea traps never caught more than 1200

myFleaTrap® has been tested and proven to be the most efficacious of all flea traps, with outstanding results in every field test.
We are proud to provide the finest flea protection product to protect your home and your pet against fleas.

  1. Müller GC et al, Understanding attraction stimuli of the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis, in non-chemical control methods, Entomology 2011